Buying the Products
Your images are uploaded into your own personal gallery. You will be given a password allowing you to view your pictures. When you have decided which images you would like to purchase, click on the Buy Tab at the top of the page, and this will take you to Select Products, which will bring up a list of various purchasing options. You can always go back if you are undecided about what to buy.
Don’t forget, these are unique pictures of your child. Between the ages of 5 – 15 months they have this amazing ability to look totally at home and natural under the water. After this age, they have to consciously hold their breath, which changes the dynamic completely. However, this doesn’t stop me from getting some great shots of your older children, should you so wish.
Don’t miss out!

Re-touching and Editing of Images
Any reflection on the water surface of your child will be left in, unless you specifically ask to have it removed. Some parents like a reflection, others don’t.
Various other re-touching can be done on your request, when I can then assess whether or not it is possible and whether it will incur extra charges.
All color and lighting is looked at after purchase and maximised to give you the best possible result for your digital image or print.
The watermark is removed after purchase


underwater babies
The copyright belongs to Aqua-image even if you have purchased the original file. After purchase, you are free to use it for your personal use as often as you wish. However you cannot use it for any commercial purposes or for profit.
Regarding images that have NOT been purchased, copyright belongs to the photographer and any unlawful use without permission may be against the law.
Digital Files and CD’s
These are sized to A3 300dpi, high-resolution jpeg format. This allows for prints and canvases up to 36” x 24” You are then licensed to use these images as many times as you wish, whether for printing your own prints, or for the purchase of any other products, ie canvases, posters, mouse mats, greeting cards, etc. They are all fully re-touched and edited as stated above. Copyright is retained by Aqua-Image.